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Solar Pool Pump from Pool Renovators

Start saving money and the environment today!

Run your swimming pool  pump directly from the sun, for free.

Reduces long-term costs associated with keeping your pool clean and well-circulated.

Suitable for a variety of swimming pool sizes.

500W with 2 solar panels from only R18 600

900W with 3 solar panels from only R24 950

(excl. installation)

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Benefits of installing a solar pool pump

  • You will never need to pay electricity for it as the pool pump is not connected to the grid.
  • The panels can be mounted on a structure close to your pool – no need to take up valuable roof space.
  • You will need less pool cleaning chemicals because the water cycles more.
  • The pool pump will run less in winter and more in summer – which synchronizes well with swimming season. 
  • Solar pumps are usually more efficient and low maintenance. 
  • The pump’s life expectancy is double that of traditional pool pumps.

Our solar pool pump range

AZURE DC Solar Pool Pump 15m3/h
Ideal for small to medium size pools
Power:  500W
Voltage: 60V-90VDC
Solar panels needed: 2 x SPP 330W Mono Panels

From R18 600

(excl.  installation)

AZURE DC Solar Pool Pump 20m3/h
Ideal for regular size pools
Power:  900W
Voltage: 90V-120VDC
Solar panels needed: 3-6 x SPP 330W Mono Panels

From R23 950

(excl.  installation)

AZURE DC Solar Pool Pump 27m3/h
Ideal for large size pools
Power:  1200W
Voltage: 110V-150VDC
Solar panels needed: 4 – 7 x SPP 330W Mono Panels